What the hell?

You know what side of the border you're on?

You got a name part?
Guess ...

something must have cut your tongue out.

either that or,

you got something ...

to hide.
It's all I can tell.

you hear me plain enough.

You will all be caught
with your diapers down!

That is a promise!

I make you this promise
on my mother's head!

For right here, today. Standing on the very head of my mother,
which is now on God's green earth,

which everybody
who wasn't born in a fucking sewer
ought to know and understand

They will invade you
in your beds,

they will snatch you from your hot tubs,

they will pluck you right out of
your fancy sports cars!
There is nowhere,

absolutely nowhere,

in this God forsaken valley.

I'm talking about from the range of my voice,
right here

clear out to the goddamn Mojave Desert
and beyond that,
clear out past Barstow

None of that area will be called the safety zone!

There will be no safety zone!
I can guarantee you
the safety zone
will be eliminated.
You will all be extradited
to the land of no return!
It's a navigation to nowhere.

And if you think
that's going to be fun,
you've got another think coming.

I maybe a slime-bucket,
but believe me:
I know what the hell I am talking about.

I am not crazy.
And don't say
I didn't warn you!

I warned you! I warned all of you!

And for the first time,
he wished he were far away.
Lost in a deep, vast country

where nobody knew him.

Somewhere without language
or streets.

And he dreamed about this place
without knowing its name.

And when he woke up,
he was on fire.

He ran through the flames
His arms were burning.

And he threw himself outside,
and rolled on the wet ground.
Then he ran.
He never looked back at the fire.
He just ran.

He ran until the sun came up,

And when the sun went down,
he ran again.

For five days
   he ran like this ...

until every sign of man ...

had disappeared.