usound roads

new york and california  2014

i built my love a house of rain
where we grew wet and dry again
all things are bright with love kept grey
the queen of light's a rainy day


toying with instinct
we trafficked jobless behind the eyes
wobbled as the beach drew
with the stars in the rain


insects gleaming on the sand
beside stores of rice and beans
kicked the gold from seas
to light our feet
pickled in heat


bent in the sandy mirror
bent in the sky and the water
the pipe and the tick - the strike

all our world is dancing
it's stormy end
it's flame and blood
it's wind and flood


she is shooting in the harbor
he is jumping up the storm
she is leaning over the giants cart of tears

there shall be no more reclining
on the powdered roads
your veins are using up
the redness of the world


i am the dartboard
for your midnight blood
the bones moment of perfect movement
waits to be thrown magnetic into combat,
stumbling into dots


in the cold dark
the doorways slide of the sun
i am on the edge of cold dark watching
the white landscape in its frame


a world that's so precise
magnified to my presence
nothing breaks my vision


inverted stars
the shock sweep of a bird


i am here on the edge of sun
looking out into pitch white sky
there is nothing in my hands
though every move i make
is planned by my eye