usound nov. 2010

unity sound archive presents:
2010 tour/nov.
tom greenwood+DahDahisque

tgreenwood (jomf) + DahDahisque (cine'DahDah, marseille)
started working together in the fall of 2009 when they began to produce the short film THE SALEM SINGERS. the film is made of archived images edited to a self-produced soundtrack-
read more about the film here:
in 2010, they continue the collaboration in the context of live performance.
using a combination of guitar, voice, electronics, turntables, field recordings,
and sometimes including still and video images.
the duo explore the sonic environment
where narrative song is confronted by improvisation and primitive sound.

nov. 3 italy, cesena - lego cafe (http://www.myspace.com/legocafecesena)
nov. 4 italy, roma - sinister noise (http://sinisternoise.com/)
nov. 5 tba
nov. 6 italy, udine - arci cas 'aupa (http://www.casaupa.netsons.org/)
nov. 7 italy, firenze - ex fila

nov. 11 portugal, barcelos - zoom performance+workshop (http://www.zoom.pt/)
nov. 12 portugal, leiria
nov. 13 portugal, setubal -rendezvous festival (http://www.rendezvousinfo.org/)

UsoundData Marseille Sept 06 2010


Eric Arn&Stefan Kushima with Marion Curie&Tom Greenwood by UsoundDahDah